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Play online Sic Bo at the best online casinos for USA players. Sic Bo is a dice game that is very popular in Asia and is now found in both USA online and land based casinos. Use any of the below USA online Sic Bo casinos that offer easy deposits and fast withdraws. If you like to play Sic Bo for real money and live in the USA, these are the best Sic Bo online casinos.

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The Lucky Red and Silver Oak Casinos are both great choices for playing Sic Bo online for real money. Both offer a great bonus and great software and are two of our best USA online casinos for Sic Bo. Both casinos have outstanding USA credit card acceptance rates where you can use your Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card and get it approved to play Sic Bo online. Use any of the above best Sic Bo online casinos and also claim a great bonus. Of note, Sic Bo is generally found under the "specialty games" tab at online casinos.

Playing Sic Bo Online from the USAOnline Sic Bo Table - Click to Enlarge

Play Sic Bo online from the USA. All of our recommended USA online Sic Bo casinos have outstanding reputations for player fairness and are audited by a third party to ensure the dice are random and the games fair. You can rest assured the games are fair and you will have a great online experience at all the online casinos listed above to play online Sic Bo for real money.

How to Play Sic Bo

To play Sic Bo online you place your bets on the area of the table for the dice combinations you think will be rolled (click the sample table for a larger version). The Sic Bo dice are shaken and rolled and the winning combinations revealed. At most online casinos the Sic Bo board will light up showing all the different winning combinations.

There are 3 dice which are rolled when playing Sic Bo and you can place as many bet combinations as you like. You can bet on 1, 2 or 3 dice combinations each having different odds.

Sic Bo Bet Types

There are many different Sic Bo bets that are able to placed and some bets incorporate all three die while others use just 1 or 2 of the dice. The bets are pretty self explanatory and by looking at the Sic Bo table you can see which bets pay which odds.

Some of the most popular Sic Bo bets include the 'Small" or "Big" bets. To play this bet you place your chips on either the Small or Big area of the table. The Small bet wins when the total combination of all three dice equal 4 through 10 and the Big bet wins when the total of the three dice equal 11 through 17. Both bets pay even money and the casino wins if any triple is rolled, including a 3 or 18.

Other popular Sic Bo bets include betting on the actual number the 3 dice will total when rolled. You can bet on any number or numbers ranging from 4 through 17 and this bet pays odds varying from 60:1 to 8:1. See the Sic Bo table to know which numbers pay which odds.

Also bet on dice combinations using just 2 of the 3 dice such as betting 1&4 or 2&6. Again only 2 of the 3 dice must match your bet to win and every combination is available to bet. This type of bet pays 5:1 odds.

Also bet which number (1 through 6) will be rolled by each die. If 1 of the 3 die equals your number you are paid even money. If two dice roll your number it pays 2:1 and three dice pays 3:1. This is an easy Sic Bo bet to place and as long as 1 of the 3 dice rolls your number you are paid.

Other Sic Bo bets include betting on any triple combination, specific triple combinations (like 1-1-1 or 5-5-5) and also betting on doubles. For the doubles bet only two of the three dice must roll your number and winning bets are paid 10:1. The highest paying bet in Sic Bo is rolling triples which pays 180:1. If you win the triple bet you are paid handsomely but it is a hard bet to win.

When playing Sic Bo and making your bets the table is pretty self explanatory so you know which bet pays what odds and whether you need 1, 2 or all three dice to make your winning combination. If the bet does not specify 1 or 2 dice the bet is always the combination of all three dice.

Some players will always play the same dice combinations and others will use the history of winning combinations to place their bets. The Sic Bo table will list the past winning combinations with most casinos listing the last 10 rolls. You can use these last 10 rolls to help decide which combinations are "Hot" and "Cold" and place your bets accordingly, that is of course if that is a strategy you believe in.

Play Sic Bo Online

Use any of the above USA online casinos to play online Sic Bo for real money as well as choosing from a great selection of other online casino games. All recommended online Sic Bo casinos accept USA players and all have outstanding reputations for easy deposits, fast withdraws and fair games. Be sure to use our links when signing up to make sure you receive the best bonuses possible.

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