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Play Joker Poker online at USA online casinos. Joker Poker (also known as Jokers Wild) is a popular video poker game both online and at land based casinos. Joker Poker is an easy game to play where as the player you want to get the highest ranked poker hand with all Jokers in the deck being wild. If you want to play Joker Poker online choose from any of the below USA online casinos and claim a great bonus by using any of our links.

Best Casinos to Play Joker Poker Online


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How to Play Joker Poker Online

Joker Poker is a great video poker game and if you are familiar with playing 5 card poker it is very easy to play and learn. The game is played with a standard 52 card deck plus 2 Jokers. The goal of the game is to receive the best poker hand using your 5 cards and any Jokers are wild.

Joker Poker Video Poker MachineWhen playing online Joker Poker you must receive a pair of Kings or better to win and the highest paying winning hand is a Sequential Royal Flush. A sequential royal flush is a royal flush that is dealt in order from 10 to Ace going left to right. While it is hard to hit, if you luck out and are dealt a sequential flush you are paid 10,000 coins for the maximum bet of 5 coins! You can see below for the full Joker Poker payout table.

Getting started you are dealt 5 cards all face up and you must decide which cards to hold and which cards to fold in order to make a winning hand. To hold your cards you simply click the card with your mouse and "Hold" or "Held" will appear on the screen for that card. Once you have decided which cards to hold you click draw and any cards which were not held are discarded and replaced with new cards. You then are paid for any winning combinations for that hand.

Joker Poker is pretty straight forward to play but does involve some strategy when deciding what cards to hold or fold. You may have several different possible winning combinations and you have to use your own intuition and best judgment to decide which hand to play for. For example you may have a pair of fives as well as a straight draw. It will be your choice whether to hold the 5's and try for 3 of a kind or fold one of the 5's and try for the straight.

Joker Poker Payouts

Joker Poker Payout TableAs stated you must be holding a pair of Kings or better to win and the best hand is a Sequential Royal Flush. You can use one or two Jokers as wild card(s) for all hands except the Sequential Royal Flush and the natural Royal Flush.

A Sequential Royal Flush pays 10,000 coins and a natural Royal Flush pays 4000 coins. If you use a Joker to complete your Royal Flush you are paid 400 coins. All example payouts are assumed you are playing the maximum amount of coins which we always recommend. You receive a bonus of 7500 coins by playing the maximum coins if you win with a Sequential Royal Flush.

You can reference the table to the right for full payout details and you can also see the bonus you receive for playing the maximum numbers of coins.

Get Started Playing Joker Poker Online

When you want to play Joker Poker online there a few considerations before being dealt your first hand. Most Joker Poker casinos allow you play 1, 3, 10, 52 or 100 hands per game. Obviously the more hands you play the better chances you have of winning. When playing multiple hands you use the same first 5 cards dealt for every hand. Then once you decide which cards to Hold or Fold, you are dealt new cards for each hand separately. The best case scenario is being dealt a winning hand with your first 5 cards. In that case every hand you played is a winner and you still have the chance to Draw cards and improve each hand separately.

Once you decide how many hands you will play of Joker Poker you then must decide how much you are going to play per hand. Most Joker Poker online casinos allow you to bet as little as a penny or 5 cents all of the way up to $5 or $10. As we stated above, we always recommend that you play the maximum number of coins allowed. By doing so you are eligible for any bonuses offered by playing the maximum number of coins. In Joker Poker you are paid an extra 7500 coins when you win with a Sequential Flush and bet the maximum number of coins.

Just because you are playing the maximum number of coins does not mean you have to bet more per hand. Because online casinos allow you to choose the coin value, you can lower how much you bet per hand in order to bet the maximum number of coins. If you usually play just one coin for $1 you can lower your bet amount to 25 cents and bet 5 coins. By doing so you are only betting a small amount more but eligible for receiving the bonus.

Choose from any of the online Joker Poker casinos above to get started and play Joker Poker online. These are the best online casinos to play online video poker for real money including Joker Poker. Be sure to be use our links when you visit the casino to make sure you receive the best bonuses available.

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